Rigid Single Split Shaft Coupling



Product Description

Keyway 5/8″ x 5/8″ Rigid Shaft Coupling

shaft coupling is a one-piece rigid coupling.  has precision honed bores on to ensure bores are collinear and does not introduce misalignment or vibration into the system making it suitable for high precision servo appliactions as well as shaft to shaft connections. Proprietary Nypatch® anti-vibration coating on hardware allows for even seating of the screw, repeated screw installations, prevents galling, and maintains high holding power. It eliminates the need to treat screws upon receipt greatly reducing installation time. Forged screws test beyond ANSI standards to ensure maximum holding power. Tightly controlled bore tolerance of +.002″/+.0005″ is maintained. Single split shaft coupliing is made high grade 2024 aluminum for lightweight and increased screw seating torque. . It is RoHS2 and REACH compliant and manufactured in our Zhejiang,China under strict controls using proprietary processes.

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